Postcards can be used for advertising or as invitations, but more often, they are a friendly greeting from someone far away. Typically, they are printed on hard-coated, durable paper with a glossy face for a better display of beautiful images, and on the back, there should be a space for handwritten messages.

Often, the postcards are printed in the following formats: Classic (15 x 10 cm), Panoramic (20 x 10 cm), or A5 (20 x 15 cm).

Aside from printing, at EUROPRESS you can request the design of your postcards. When creating such products, we always take into account the desires and preferences of our clients.

Print Specifications and Alternatives:

– Urgent orders available, ready within 24 hours.
– Minimal orders starting with 300 prints.
– Full-color print (CMYK) available as one-sided (4/0) and double-sided (4/4).
– Assortments of premium and standard pasteboard stock.
– Also available with lamination, die-cut, UV spot printing, full-customization, and others.


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