Packaging is an important addition to any product and it helps delivering the right message, whether it is for a special gift or shelf products that should attract the buyer and motivate his desire for a purchase.

At EUROPRESS we offer top notch printing services of paper packaging and cardboard materials. We can customize by shape, brand name, graphics and promotional messages. We can print starting from samples and products packaging up to bottles packaging and decorative paper. Do you need an attractive packaging? The

EUROPRESS team is always ready to design the concept of the packaging according to your preferences (on request).

Print Specifications and Alternatives:

– Urgent orders available, ready within 24 hours.
– Minimal orders starting with 1000 prints.
– Full-color print (CMYK) available as one-sided (4/0) and double-sided (4/4).
– Assortments of premium and standard paper and card stock.
– Also available with lamination, die-cut, UV spot printing, full-customization, and others.


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