ORGANIZERS (planners)

ORGANIZERS (planners)

Organizing and planning are the keys to a better performance. At EUROPRESS we print desk organizers and wall planners of various sizes and types.

Choose from our wide range, we have weekly, quarterly and annual organizers and planners; with aluminum frame, textured pasteboard or leather cover. You will also find models like Yellow Week, Red One, White Planner, Magneto plan and more.

Organizers and Planners are in great demand inside the corporate environments, so that the whole team is aware of the company’s goals and how and when it plans to achieve them.

If you are looking for something more exclusive and personalized, our team can design your future organizer or planner.

Print Specifications and Alternatives:

– Urgent orders available, ready within 24 hours.
– Minimal orders starting with 100 prints.
– Full-color print (CMYK) available as one-sided (4/0) and double-sided (4/4).
– Assortments of premium and standard paper stock.
– Also available customized design and personalization.



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