A folded leaflet is one of the most popular printed promotional tools. Unlike the flyer, a folded leaflet is, well, folded, so it can hold more information and allow for extra designing options. Sometimes, the folded leaflet is used as an informational guide.

Team EUROPRESS welcomes you with an attractive price/quality ratio for the following services:

– Print of the folded leaflets in requested dimensions and materials.
– The design of your folded leaflets (on request).
– Fold of the leaflets according to the desired type of pleating: single folding, Z (zigzag), tri fold, gate fold, etc.

Print Specifications and Alternatives:

– Urgent orders available, ready within 24 hours.
– Minimal orders starting with 500 prints.
– Full-color print (CMYK) available as one-sided (4/0) and double-sided (4/4).
– Assortments of premium and standard paper stock.
– Also available with lamination, die-cut, UV spot printing, full-customization, and others.


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